Ahh the beer capades!

What you will find in this section of my blog is all about beer things.  There are two ideas that started this.  One was making my kitchen floor a beer bottle cap floor and the other was to broaden my horizons and try different types of beers.

There is a POD blog referring to these ideas. (http://odesispro.com/2014/01/15/1913-beers-and-90000-beer-bottle-caps/ )  Most things in my life end up in pictures.  That is just me.  Most things at some point end up aiding and abetting me in bad ideas.  Add into that that I know a guy….he encourages some but not all bad ideas.   For the record he was totally on board with this idea.

Periodically I am going to post about the beer capades.  I have no idea what will come out in these blog posts.  I must admit to being somewhat scared.  First I have to be better educated on beer. Just like I had to be educated on how many beer bottle caps I would need for this floor idea.  This is a starting point right now.

Beer is not as easy to just google or wiki an answer for.  As soon as I did that I came to the absurd knowledge that this was going to be a ton harder than I thought.  Instead of doing research I am just going to keep trying them and then decide when I want to learn more.  From here on end you will find that I make comments and recommendations.  I think this will be a weekly post.  I know that in these thoughts you will find a Guys opinion as well as a female’s opinion.  Stay tuned!

I also want to point out an oddity that I feel is worth mentioning:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_style  about 80% of the way through this post on wiki there is a section entitled “Other fermented drinks based on cereals”



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