What the hell just happened here?


Yesterday’s picture was about as frustrating as updating my blog today.  The problem I had yesterday was being tired.  I am surrounding by sick people at the moment.  I am fatigued.  I also had 35,000 ideas running through my head about the blog.

Can someone please tell me when it happened that the blog about the POD turned into my personal vehicle for other things I want to do?  Instead of thinking, as I was looking for the picture, what the blog post might be about I was thinking about ways to expand the blog.

Now, that I have started typing I can’t seem to stop.  This may not surprise some people who know that I rarely shush.  When I stared photography again I never expected to get involved in abstract art, a photo o day, a blog, painting and an entire herd of other creative things.

The photo o day has taken over!  Today’s picture is of spray paint, beautiful skies and an ugly industrial area.  The urban art adds so much beauty to this picture.  It works in coordination with nature.  See this is how the spray paint started.  The spray paint led to other paint.  The art side kicked in somewhere in between those two.  Keeping the POD really fresh means trying new things and sharing those things.  That of course led to the blog which was meant to share the POD with people who are not on Facebook.

You see where this is going right? I am not in control the POD is in control. Now the blog has asserted some control as well.  How is it that when I am so out of control that I can be so in control?

So today the blog expands, much like the spray paint art helped me to expand,  so is the blog.  Today I added two sections.  One is to give back to all the individuals who have helped me to grow.   Photography 101 is to pass on some of my abilities with photography.  This section will go from beginner to expert depending on what I am struck to write about that day.  I hope there are people out there who will like my form of advice.  I also hope they will not take it too seriously.  Go out and have fun is more my style with photography.

Secondly I added a beer capades section.  I actually asked the extraordinary- ridiculously-supportive always-on-my-side-better-other- half of this endeavor if it was OK if he showed up in it.  He said yes.  I am hoping it was not just because he recognized that tone of voice I had at that moment that clearly said … this is going to happen.   So as a result once a week or so … I will be doing a beer blog:  What the hell just happened here?


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