Learning Curves


It seems that I have a few learning curves.  The beer capades at this point are the least of my learning curve concerns.  The beer capades are more enjoyable then any of my other learning curves.  In fact, all of the others are driving me to more beer capades.

Blogging.  Just Blogging.  Hours of learning this past weekend have been spent on learning more about blogging.  This is getting complicated.  Words like Google Analytics and HTML and tags and headers and footers and Ale.  Yup just give me some Ale.

I am not a fan of doing anything half-assed.  In fact going half way means you should never have started something. That would be why after a long day of soul sucking, creative blocking and hideous learning I opted to grab 6 new beers to try.  I got through three of them.  I rank Ambers up there with Google Analytics right now.

If I am going to be fair it is not Google Analytics that is the issue.  It is the inability to use them if you are maintaining your blog as I am right now.  I will have to change that in the upcoming weeks.  My analytical side loves Google Analytics.  I have it on my two other websites and love it.


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