Advancing skills of any kind may mean starting at the basics. Doodling is a basic. It is teaching me to have a more steady hand. The shakiness in my hands is primarily why I have not followed a few different artistic paths. I have decided that it is time to work on having steady hands. Truth be told, it will help some of the softness I have in my photos as well.

It might seem like this is a simple drawing that would only take moments. For me it took almost 45 minutes of working hard on steady hands. The other thing I realized doing this is that I do not draw left to right. I draw right to left. When I attempt to draw like normal eye movement works my hands get even less steady and my lines do not seem to flow as well.

While this might seem pointless it showed me something about editing pictures and making selections in the editing program. My selections are much better when I follow how I draw. The selections are smoother and cleaner than when I select right to left.

That discovery seems so backwards to me! I will have to retrain myself to make selections in CS6 differently now. One set of doodles and now I have to retrain my muscle memory on editing.


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