There are days


There are just some days were painting makes it all better.  I lost my keys, they are still lost.  I left my camera at work, it is still at work.  This morning it was in an office that I could not get into because of said keys.

I would gladly have taken a picture of said keys for the POD because that is truly what ruled my day.  No keys and no camera meant no picture of said keys.

So my cell phone saved the POD.  It did not save my key issue however.  At a time in my life where I have literally nine million things going on the keys put me over the edge.  Painting is good.  Painting is relaxing.  The colors of paint swirling together soothed me.  The violent splatter of paint made me feel better.

I am back in possession of my camera.  The keys is another issue of mystery.


2 thoughts on “There are days

  1. Never give up !!
    Two years ago I lost my favourite pair of glasses, (the only ones that didn’t make me look like a total cretin),…..Yesterday I finally did some gardening and found them half buried, their case covered with mould.
    The case is a goner but the glasses are fine…Once again I can see and look brilliant and sophisticated at the same time.


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