Artistic Journals


Today’s blog POD is an odd ball one for me.  It a moment of complete distraction it was 8pm and I had no POD picture.  I was tired after a long day.  So I grabbed my Windows phone and set up this picture.  I wanted a moody picture.  What could be more moody than my artistic endeavors journal?

A better question is what could possibly be more revealing?  You think you open it up to some random page of art notes when in reality you open it up to the page that could not possibly be more revealing of your private inner thoughts.  Notice how I slip into third person as if I am calling myself out?

I have to admit that in some ways this picture might be the most revealing picture of me that I have ever posted.  There was a time this would have horrified me.  Today I embrace it because if I can post it I can share it.  Sharing the deepest sides of me is what my art is about.  I think I have come along just fine on this journey.   It is a comfortable place to be.  My own reaction to this picture is probably the most surprising thing to me.

Also on a side note this is also a good example of maybe paying attention to what you are doing.  For the viewers they may have been other pages that would have been more interesting.  This one plays to me more than the viewer.  It is a good reminder of keeping the intent of your work at the forefront.


2 thoughts on “Artistic Journals

  1. Haha you should see me after looking for different sections in it … each section rotates, it was not intention it is just what happens. I sincerely hope your body did not suffer ill from the experience!


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