Beauty Before Fear


In Milwaukee we have a bridge.  It is called the Hoan Bridge.  I love this bridge and what it does for our skyline.  There are plenty of angles to get shots from of the bridge.  I have driven across the Hoan Bridge almost every day for 4 years now.  It is a stunning drive.  The city scape is on one side and Lake Michigan on the other side.

Today’s picture may not look overly terrifying.  Once you realize that it is the underside of the bridge while repairs are going on you can begin to see the terror of it all.  Let me be clear, while this repair work is going on people are still driving over one half of it.  The other half is gone for all intense purposes.

I still drive the drive.  The beauty of the drive is worth the fears that play around in the back of my head.  You know the fear, the one that says the bridge is going to fall while I am driving on it.

I love that precautions for safety have been taken.  The “netting” under the bridge is there to catch all the falling debris.  The lines holding everything in place is indicative of life.  We all are holding on by a thread when facing fears.

What I really want to say though is screw the fears look at the beauty of the situation.


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