Happy …errrr… Spring!?


Spring is the time of new growth, thawed lakes and ponds, warmer weather and happier times … Or Not. Who am I to judge the quality of spring?  I would much rather cheer on the people who are excited enough to put kayaks on the pond shore.  They are eager and ready even if the ice is not yet gone.

It is a picture that provides me with the hope the weather is failing to provide me with.   Hope is an amazing thing.  I like to say I am an effervescing well of hope.  There is not limits to the hope I have.  Hope is really funny.  The stronger your hope is the more likely the success is predefined as a done deal.

I would like to applaud the people who put these kayaks out here while the pond is still fully frozen!  I find it inspiring and it is coming at just the right time.


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