My way of saying things are piling up!


I find it funny that there almost always is a picture to describe the day.  This picture is exactly that.  Things are piling up. I choose to go black and white for a few reasons.  All of the things piling up are really very black and white.  Yes it has to get don’t but no today it is not the priority.  Yes it will take up some time but it is the priority.

It was very easy to set aside yesterday’s plan to just go with the flow of the day.  The day had taken over.  In fact the week had taken over.  Priorities are always to be kept in check.  It is that simple if you let it be that simple.

For the photo techies out there my ISO was at 100 and my shutter speed was 1/2000 of a second.   And the sky was still blown out.  For the non techies … If the sky is really bright and all white but you need the detail it is tricky to get.  Black and white pictures can at times save this sky problem from ruining a picture.

Today is the day to follow the family motto:  Arise go forth and conquer.  Yes I am behind on things but for a change its for the right reasons.  Today is the day to fix that behind problem.  Maybe I can turn that into a black and white and just fix it.

Life would be so much easier if you could just apply camera techniques to it … Dontchya think?


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