The Power of a Picture


It is called multitasking.  The animals had needs.  Remy, the 7lbs spoiled rotten doggie, needed more spoiling.  Glorie, the mutant rabbit, needed hay, a tunnel to hide in treats and pellets.  So I ended up at the pet store.

For a minute in the reptile room I felt like I was in a Mayan Jungle.  It was humid, earthy and relaxing.  Until the reptile smell took over.  Then I just wanted out.  But for just a minute I was taken away from it all.  The morning had been a rampage.  The weekend (a long 4 day weekend to get work done for the show) had gone haywire with typos and techie problems.  I needed those 48 seconds of Mayan Jungle.

That is the real power of pictures; the ability to take a person away from it all for just a moment or two.  The power of a picture is to take you to another time or place or perspective.   Art is the same way.  I would say that is an incredible powerful power.


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