Where my mind is not



My mind is not on the photo of the day. My mind is on the two topics that seem to drive my entire life. One of those topics is the Solo Show coming up. Progress is being made. Invites are being sent out. The show is moving forward. The other topic is well just MIA. I blame Amish militants for this unfortunate thing.
The POD must go on. Yesterday I went out scouting for pictures and was stunned to find that there are some signs of spring. Not many signs yet but there are a few. I spent a few hours getting a bit ahead on the POD as I know it will be a busy week.
I was rather happy when I could get a few tree pictures that are not about the trees. Even though I was out doing my photo thing I have to say my mind was just not in the game. I hope it does not reflect to badly in the pictures.


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