I Want Proof of Life!


I wanted a Robin. Just some proof of life for spring. I know Mother Nature is holding spring hostage. I understand that she wants some odd sort of sacrifice or bribe or ransom to let spring go. I want proof of life!

It is standard in situations like this to get proof of life. Instead of a Robin I got a black bird. Instead of proof of life I got more snow this morning. This is not shaking my resolve. I still believe that spring is around the corner, across the valley and over the mountain range. Mother Nature is strong. I do not believe she can hold out for too much longer however.

Other people have seen this year’s elusive first sign of spring. I, sadly, have not. I will take this blackbird and just pretend that Mother Nature is not playing with my emotions. Mother Nature will not defeat my ambitions, mood or hope. At the very least in this blackbird I caught the little bit of eye flare that is coveted in animal photography.


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