The shimmer that made me mad.


I get upset with myself when I can’t remember what the last few PODs were. If I can’t remember them a day later they were not that memorable. That is a really harsh statement to make to myself. Coming up on three years of doing this makes it harder and harder to remember.

I have to remind myself that remembering them is just one gauge. I kept asking myself all day what picture was yesterday? When I went back to look at it I remembered that this was one of the rare times I actually caught the shimmer on the lake. That is a very hard thing to do.

The shimmer is hard to catch because your exposure has to be just right. I would have hope that this picture would have stood out in my mind because I caught the shimmer. Instead because I have so much on my mind it did not stick I got upset with myself.

It is all a matter of perspective right?


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