Fishing and Parental Unit Support


A picture can say 1000 words. Sometimes it takes more than one picture to say 1000 words. If you could have seen the joy in the body language of this child fishing you would be smiling. One picture did not do it justice. So I pulled out Photomatix and merged two pictures. Time lapse did not work for this shot. I wanted to do it in camera but I ended up with a picture so bright I was almost blinded.

Playing around with the software is fun stuff. Merging photos not meant to be merged can lead to some awesome results. This is something I do frequently. Sometimes you end up with a better story showing some motion, other times you end up with a beautiful abstract and sometimes you end up with junk. That is just the way it goes.

This is one of those pictures that needed the motion. I like how this kid took my back to the fun days of fishing. I also liked how the dad was right there helping out. My dad was and still is just like that. He is always casting the rod for me still. That kind of support growing up and continuing on now in my adult life is priceless. I am extremely luck that I have a Mumma and Pops like that. Always growing up there was support, even when we did not get along or understand each other the support was still there. Fishing always reminds me of my awesome, rocking and wonderful parental units.


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