There is something about the VA Grounds


There is something about the Clement J Zablocki VA hospital grounds. I love to photograph these grounds. The amount of history that floats around the VA grounds here in Milwaukee on a daily basis is amazing. That history lives on in people, buildings and past events.

On my last trip there I noticed that there is a large amount of renovations going on. The one that was the most profound to me was the cemetery. The care and reverence that is being shown serves as a reminder of what and who is at this cemetery.

I have a deep patriotic feeling. I am so grateful to the men and women who serve this country. Even in high school I was writing editorials blasting my school mates for being unpatriotic regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. It was during Gulf Storm, we knew people in combat situations, all of us did. To see this renovation with such care going on warmed my soul. It was a moment where a picture does not serve the topic justice.

The Clement J Zablocki VA has afforded me the opportunity to talk to nurses from WWII, Vietnam Vets and the Korean War. Each time I am amazed at the depth of feeling each of these people exhibited in for their experiences and life after.

The face that this picture is of a water system for the grounds should not take away from the topic. In fact it’s a detail of the entire renovation. The details all make up the entire renovation. I am thrilled that the VA is able to do the renovations they have been doing as of the last few years. For a good amount of time funding was a problem, at least this is my understanding.

None of this even touches on the quality of the VA here in Milwaukee. It often goes unrecognized.


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