I want it all now and I want a cupcake too!


Impulse control is at an all-time low today, maybe. Patience is at an even lower all time low today. I want my cupcake, I want to eat it too and I want to know that is all possible today. My mind is working against me and I want it to stop. It, the renegade brain, is destroying my normal Zen like calm.

Adding sugar with cupcakes seems like a phenomenal idea. Right? I suspect that adding sugar might be the thing that soothes the demon in my brain. I understand why I have the range of emotions that are going on in my brain. I am pretty sure spontaneous combustion is imminent. How many different things can a girl have going on emotionally before an explosion happens? I think today is that day. This is a dangerous place to be for me. You never know what will happen when I open my mouth and form words.

I said earlier in the blog days that I have so much to look forward to this spring. Spring is here. I want it now and I want a cupcake too!


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