The Camera Just Knows



The business side of art can take up a ton of time. Some days it is difficult to get a photo. I have distractions as well that cause me some time limits. I believe distractions are a good thing. In my case so far these distractions have been a very good thing, even if they do make me want to be physically ill.

This picture is what I look at when I am at my computer editing, promoting and so on. One part of this picture is a magnet chalk board. One part is another set of art work ideas I am tossing around in my head. The last part is my wall that I splatter painted.

It is like the ADD of my brain on one wall. My wall has as many distractions as my life does. Some take up more time than others. Yesterday was a day of distractions so the picture was taken quickly. I actually managed to take a picture of distractions while be distracted. That was not my intent but somehow the camera just knows.


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