Insomnia… Ugh.


I think a bunch or creative types have this happen. The overload of energy. To much energy is equated out to no sleep. For the last week sleep has been less and less each night. Yesterday I should have been very tired between bad sleep and an asthma attack in the middle of the night.

Instead I had boundless amounts of energy. Times like that it is very difficult for me to focus on a picture. A million thoughts racing, feeling edgy and restless makes picture taking difficult for me. So I hit up the recent archives.

This is a picture of one of my works of art actually on a wall. It was one of my ways of telling myself by using it for the POD to keep the eye on the prize.

After I posted it I did rampage cleaning. Wash was done, floors were vacuumed and washed, you name it cleaning I did it. It helped to get the energy out. It also helped to sort out my thoughts. Even after wearing myself out mentally and physically it seems insomnia has grabbed a hold.

That means today’s POD is going to be a sleep deprived POD. I actually function pretty dam good sleep deprived so I am looking forward to the adventure of today’s picture.


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