Abstract Photography


I love abstract photography.  It is an element in all of my creative visual artwork.  Experimenting around with photography ends up being more fun for me then finding oil and water splotches to get an abstract picture.  In other words I like to create my abstract photos not find them.

Experimenting starts with things you enjoy or find interesting.  In today’s case I took picture of  a song  video (Alive and Kicking).  I did this picture with a long exposure.  Then I took a picture of graffiti on a train with a long exposure and moved the lens to add another effect.  Then I did something abnormal for me, I took a normal picture.

Now I had three pictures that should not look good together after they were merged.  So I did what any rational mad experimenting person would do, I merged them.   Today’s POD is the result.

You never know what will happen until you try.  I think photography has truly driven this home.  Trying is the bottom line.  If you are not trying you might not be alive and kicking.


2 thoughts on “Abstract Photography

    • Thanks! I love to see what other people come up with from ideas I have had. You never know what you might find in an idea that spreads. I believe we each have a unique voice if we choose to cultivate it. It is a very freeing idea, suddenly ideas are contagious and grow bigger. Thanks for stopping to look and comment!


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