Lawrence D’Attilio at Tamarack Studio and Gallery


I have mentioned a few times that I have been working with a mentor on the art front. I actually believe he is a mentor on the life front as well. Currently this mentor, Larry D’Attilio is showing his own work, “The New Global Women: Anchored in Tradition Navigating the Future” at Tamarack Studio and Gallery in Madison, WI.   I have to break my thoughts up a bit. There is Larry, his show and the gallery.

If you would like a peak prior to reading this blog:

Let’s start with Larry. Everyone could use a little Larry in their lives. Larry is kind, caring, patient and has the most motivating way of approaching people.   I have grown as an artist working with him. I didn’t know I was an artist when I met him. Now because of him I feel like I can fly free. Larry has this charisma that surrounds him. He is a talker and he has opinions, there is much to be learned from him even when you might not agree with him. Larry is also in the possession of never-ending energy. The best thing I can say is that Larry has taught me a ton about what TO BE.

Larry’s art takes an engaging look at the New Global Women. The time and energy he puts into getting his creations right is nothing short of amazing.   Larry talks about the tension these women from Vietnam feel.  When Larry puts this tension into a work of art you feel the tension. You can feel the tug in either direction of tradition, culture and modernization. His colors pop and the moods are set in each work. He is soft-spoken in life but his art is not. His message is clear when you take the time to delve into each piece. Each piece has a distinctive personality, as it should be. I would add, that at each of his shows I have been at, I like to take a step back and take it in as a group. If you allow yourself you can feel the swirl of emotions, hopes and conflicts when you do look at the group in this manner.

I have seen Larry’s work at several galleries. Tamarack is the one I like the best. No, I do not have a ton of experience. I am lacking there. For me, however, Tamarack Studio and Gallery has a feeling of invitation. For a gallery it is warm and inviting. It almost feels like you are there to visit. Even though you feel as if this is a visit the artworks always quickly become center stage.   It is the perfect balance of art and atmosphere. People are approachable and talkative. It makes the experience of viewing art somehow so much better.

If you are in the Madison area I highly suggest taking this show in.


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