On Being Tough


Recent events have caused me to look at a certain situation and say sometimes you just have to stand your ground. It is critical to know your stance on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How far will you go? I am not talking about your drive or your motivation this time. I am talking about what lines will and won’t be crossed.

Today’s blog was destined to be much different from what you are reading but I hit a line that I am not willing to cross. While I had to make a happy-ish compromise on it, the line remains uncrossed. If you want to be in business or even succeed at life you must know what lines you will stay 10 feet away from just to ensure you do not get close enough to cross the line. Achieving something in the wrong way is no achievement at all. Achieving something the right way is far-reaching and says more about you.

Having standards, values and ethics equals having integrity. Standing up for those things means being tough sometimes. If you have that ability I promise you that people will look to you for motivation, guidance and inspiration. The people/events/situations that end up badly probably had people involved willing to do things that you are not willing to do.

Being tough in the moment can be difficult. Doing it anyway has long-lasting effects and reach.


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