Childlike Wonder


In the midst of all these big things going on it was bound to reach the inevitable point of complications.  Complications suck.  At the moment my list includes catering issues, hanging art on a wall issues, cell phone issues, hair issues and the inevitable lack of time issues.

It is at moments like this you have to think like a kid.  Childlike wonder can get you through the toughest of moments.  If you have big lofty goals then you need it even more.  Each new situation we put ourselves in takes us back to learning like we did as a child.  Yahoo! What better way to be reminded we really do not know a thing?   Right in the midst of controversy and stress I saw this picture.  It is a balloon octopus. What? A three foot balloon octopus? My inner child was a bit angry for a moment; we had wiener dog balloons growing up!  The beauty of this octopus quickly overtook my bit of anger because here I was, now in the moment, with this happy creation.

I must admit to having to dig deep these days to keep my focus with all the chaos of life.  I am 11 days away from my first gallery event.  My nerves are a bit fried as this event has had more challenges than anticipated.  So thinking about the octopus is actually a very good idea indeed.


2 thoughts on “Childlike Wonder

    • Right about now I wish we did have something like that to say. It seems so much is jinxed here although I have heard that is normal. 🙂 Thanks so much for the thoughts!


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