Great Lakes Brewing Company: Edmund Fitzgerald Porter


So here I was in Chicago at Schuba’s seeing the Jim Jones Revue.  The beer menu was fun.  I took pictures of it actually.  I decided to try the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes Brewing Co.  I was immediately in love with this beer.  Since then no porter has compared.

Porters are a work of art that requires the brewer to have patience.  At least that is what I have read.  It is a dark style beer that is well hopped.  This really is a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me.

I have liked all the porters I have tried so far.  This one makes the top of my list because I feel that the flavors are well defined without every over powering my simple taste buds. It’s a smooth to the point of almost too smooth beer.  I have enjoyed the flavors now with every type of food.  I am not ashamed to admit that I drank this while eating breakfast this week for dinner.  I also enjoyed it with the brownie I had last week.

I am no expert but if you can drink a beer with breakfast at dinner and a brownie it has to get “brownie” points in my opinion.  Not every beer tastes good with a brownie.  Judging from the picture I would say my dog, Remy, agrees.



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