The Music Man


I am a firm believer of passing the arts down to the younger generations. I love to support it when it happens. Last night I took photos for a The Music Man at a local high school. On being upfront, My roomies daughter is in the play.

This play was in my top three plays I have seen. Let me put this into perspective. #1 Phantom of the Opera at the Milwaukee PAC, #2 Little Shop of Horrors at the Milwaukee PAC, #3 The Music Man at the local high school.

I have never seen a group of students jump in and take ownership of a play like last night. I doubt I will ever see it again. They blew me away. I was so stunned. The acting was amazing. The students were high energy. The singing and dance made me want to sing and dance.

The parents of these kids should be proud. I saw young adults who can dance things like the fox trot. I saw students learn lyrics that I could never sing along to. An extraordinary thing was the entire music score was recorded by the band and sounded like it was right there!

What this school did for those students will travel with them for their entire lives. I saw them being inspired to reach for more. This is what the arts do. This is something more of the younger generation needs.

I am so happy to have taken some pictures for them because in some small way it feels like recognizing what they accomplished. I hope they enjoy the pictures ¼ as much as I did the show. That would be a success for me. I hope others see these pictures and decide to be motivated to promote the arts as well. What a showcase!!!

By the way … This Barber Shop Quartet needs a name and to start competing. They are as good if not better than all of the quartets I have seen.



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