Legend, Urban Myth and the Witch’s House


There is an old legend in Milwaukee about the “Witches House”.  The house was actually an artist’s home.  The property is now going to be moved up to, I believe, Sheboygan.  The sculptures on the property will all be moved as well.  The hope is to set it up in the new place exactly as it is now and allow tours.

As young … errr … adventurous teens the deal was to drive up to the house and not get killed.  A Witch lived there, you had to tread carefully.  Of course in the dead of night at the witching hour (the obvious time to go) the drive was just as creepy in some ways.  You come down the long hill and immediately had a very sharp turn that if you missed you ended up in Lake Michigan.

This house has been in the news this week because the local community denied allowing tours on its original property.  This is why it is getting moved.  My awesome and somewhat crazy aunt asked me if I had been there.  Within a day another friend said let’s go there!

The resulting picture was taken through a fence so if you look you can see the halo of that fence.  I thought the fence added a nice creepy effect.  The reality is … my memories were much creepier.


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