Thailand Series



This is one of my art pieces.  It comes from an upcoming group based all on my trip to Thailand.  It took me a long time to process exactly what that trip meant to me.  It was harder to put into thoughts and words what it did for me.  Now that I have it is time to start the series.

I am very excited to do just that.  Going through the pictures this last time it was all so clear to me exactly what my process would be for this group.  My process for creating seems to be different with each group.

It is fun exploring all of the ways my process can be tweaked by project.  I would have thought my process would always be the same.  I never enforced the process to be a certain way.  It just kind of evolves differently with each group.  I think it is important to know that it can change.  I think it is important to let the process work it’s self out.



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