Horicon Marsh and a needed break from reality.


I think life really takes a different path when you have standards and priorities in order. I have not been able to spend as much time with my Dad as we normally would due to the chaos with the show being so close. We both really needed that photo jaunt that we have not had in a while. My Dad and spending time with him is one of my priorities. On a whim we decided to hit up Horicon Marsh in the cold cold brutal spring.

Horicon Marsh is not the hot spot at this time of year. In fact I have never been there outside of summer and fall. Imagine my delight and his when it turned out to be a great time to go. It was rainy, foggy and chilly. The views were entirely different this trip. The marsh held a different type of appeal than normal. This is not generally my type of photography. I enjoy the nature of the experience more than the photography of the experience. This trip was different. Both my Dad and I had a successful photo time. I was actually able to see myself catching the beauty of bogs and marshes.  As a result I think the pictures turned out better than my normal bog or marsh pictures.

It was also time well spent together. A much needed break from reality.  Even if you do not need the break a break is still a good thing.  It should not be taken lightly that no matter how life is a break is good.


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