Broken to add improvement

10170783_644101338970610_7888349171898326051_n   <<<< Song for the moment if you so choose!

Some days breaking stuff seems like just the right thing to make a person feel better.  I am not a destructive person so I take pictures of broken stuff.  Broken stuff reminds me of one thing, fixing things.  I liked that this picture was very cool looking in its brokenness.

It was an epiphany picture for me.  Just because something was broke does not mean it is broken. Maybe those broken parts will never be fixed.  Maybe that is ok.  Maybe saying I have added facets to myself is good even when the parts that are new would not be my choice.  I do not like being insecure at times.  I hate it.  It does make me who I am.

So I proudly say … I am broke but not broken.  I from this day forward will embrace the parts of me that last week I hated.  Who cares?  I was never striving for perfection anyway.


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