I love this tree.  There is only one tree I love more.  (That would be the Willow tree I grew up climbing) This tree is where I spend a decent amount of time 4-5 days a week before work.  I am only conflicted because of the balloons in the tree.  It makes me unhappy when essentially garbage ends up polluting our world.  Balloons being balloons get away from you.  It happens.

Is anyone really surprised that I can find a message on my life here?  I feel like a few things got away from me.  Those things are polluting my normally sunny disposition.  Life is so busy with the show starting in two days that I lost track of the date on the calendar.  I had a date that at one time was ever so important to me creep up and suddenly stare me in the face. This year that date would have been a huge milestone.  That date screamed at me to deal with it.

I am so grateful that as I completely lost it at IHOP today I was surrounded by the love of my Dad, Sister and that awesome Aunt.  The waitress asked how we were, I answered honestly.  I am horrible, with tears running down my face.   And my family laughed.  It was the perfect thing.  I laughed, it was good.

We ate and then we went and sorted out gallery exhibit things to prepare for the first event.  I am still conflicted and it’s ok.  On to the new and the exciting because that is what I do.


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