Composition and other deep thoughts


Photographers are often criticized for framing. I can name a few people who would say this one is framed badly. Let me explain:

I cut off one ear intentionally for all the times we hear only one side of the story. I chose a face that had the mouth closed because sometimes words are not there. I liked the eyes framed in a position that stood out and eyes closed because sometimes we do not see everything yet make assumptions.

All of these things are true of everyone at some point. Sometimes it takes two people to be in this situation, other times we do it to ourselves. In those times we also let all of the unspoken, unseen and unheard things affect our outlook in general.

And on the other hand …. This is a face of contemplation and deep thought.   Moments of deep thought are needed. These moments can be even helpful. If for a moment we could have both of these ideas going on at the same time what might we figure out?


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