Let the Good Times Roll


In Japanese culture this cat has several meanings.  It is a welcoming cat. It represents fortune, luck and prosperity. There are many folklore stories that speak to the cat being helpful, warning of ill and protecting against ill luck.

I had several archives pics from that trip to china town to work with. Being the determined soul I am I felt this one might be the best one for my first attempt at lefty editing.  It worked.  It was a fun picture to experiment this way.  Which lead me to some ideas on experimenting that require a tripod. Holy smokes, I found a way to be okay with a tripod.  In the past I always felt like I was missing something with the tripod.  I am a hands on kinda gal you see.

I have to admit the wrist being broken is bugging me.   The “be happy don’t worry” motto has been over used the last few days.

Beyond that, as is typical for me, I thought about the picture and life. That led me to thinking about all the people I know right now that could use this kind of luck or fortune.  So while editing I sent out good healthy thoughts to a ton of people.

Let the good times roll was the chosen song for this set of edits. Although sometimes life is busy, frustrating, exciting and scary I believe we have to allow the good times to roll and not be held down by the bad.


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