Shades of Gray


The farther away a picture gets since I took it the harder it is to write about.  So I thought today I would go for technique. Black and white pictures that pop are more than just de-saturating pictures.  I could go into all that mumbo jumbo about curves and tonal balance but I prefer a much more simplified approach. De-saturate comes first.  Then play around with your whites and blacks. Boost them, lower them .. tweak them.  Another way to accomplish this is shadows and highlights.


By doing this you bring to light fine details that tell you something. Really there is so very much going on in the shades of gray.   Things are not always what they seem.  Figuring out how to see them in the right shade of gray can dramatically change what they seem to be or seem to be saying. And then again maybe what you see is what you get.  Playing around in these ways will show you much more about your black and whites.




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