I’d say no fear .. but really face the fear seems better.


I actually am one of those girls who likes to watch MMA.  I used to be on top of all the names and such.  More often as of late I am too busy to do that. I like the fights because to me on the most basic level there is no fear.  Physical pain is a force to be reckoned with. I think it’s one of the first basic fears to tackle.  Yes it is nuts and crazy to do this kind of fighting, I would never do it.

I am attracted to the physical workout of a punching bag.  I believe that sometimes the most physical workouts are the best mental workouts. I also believe that when we challenge this type of workout we face all kinds of inner tensions, aggression and some fear.   I am a swimmer through and through.  That is a meditative workout.  There is no aggressiveness in swimming just grace and form, at least for me.

Do I have inner tensions and aggression, of course we all do.  I choose how mine come out.  Well except for the fact that I can’t even punch the bag at the moment.  But give me 6-8 weeks and some physical therapy on the hand and I will be at it. Oh and Do I have fear? Yes I have fear, I just choose to face it, tame it and over come it.


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