If there is a will ….


Left editing has proven surprising. It’s actually possible that I am better at lefty than I am at righty, at least with the mouse and edits. Writing is certainly not happening lefty or righty for that matter. The other surprising thing is how many more of my software programs are getting used.

This picture started out as a cell phone picture. It needed to be larger, so I enlarged it. It needed lots of editing to bring out what I intended. So I used the OnOne software package, CS6 and tossed in a little windows photo editing. I almost opened up PhotoMatix just to say I did it all on this picture, but really I was done editing.

My mood yesterday fit the rainy picture that this started out as. The editing proved to me what I already know; If there is a will there is a way. It’s just a matter of jumping in, even on rainy days.


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