Yup, This is not my wrist … but it is way more interesting!


When we have a valuable relationship with someone we see the best in them. It’s appalling to see the best in them and have any words used that do not seem to suit that person. Yesterday I heard the word atrocious used to describe the last person in the world that word could apply to. It was regarding the condition of this person’s back.

Now let’s talk about the words that actually describe that person: Trooper, spirited, compassionate, often self-less, and above all loving and supportive. This person has always had more faith in me than anyone and going back farther than anyone. She is an inspiration. When I am was at my lowest just remembering the faith she has in me kept me going.

Sometimes pictures do not give the entire story. This is in fact one that only talks about the condition of a person physically. Indeed the condition of a person’s soul is so much more important.

To me this person’s picture and story is far more interesting and rewarding than the picture and story of my hand being broken. I would rather honor that and her.


2 thoughts on “Yup, This is not my wrist … but it is way more interesting!

  1. I understand where you are coming from…But …wow…the spirit that keeps people going when many would throw in the towel, is beyond amazing! You’ve got your head in the right place, Rosie…<3 Rosie (ha!) PS–I have a hero like that, too.

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    • I love heros like this … Id wish for an easier time of it for them but agree fully with you on that spirit ..Wow. Thanks so much for the kind compliments!!! ❤


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