It is JUST a sign.


It is an obvious sign as well.  Let us consider for a moment that this is theoretical or symbolism.  This particular is very telling.  We all have obvious signs on things we miss.  When it is as obvious as this one, we might feel not so smart or savvy.

I have to say this; who cares?  The reality is had I gone over the edge and into the lake it would have been just another part of life.  No regrets.  Had I missed the obvious signs I am sure it was because there was other more spectacular things in my sites.  Should I miss the beauty for the danger?

This entire spring has turned out so wrong from what I was thinking was coming. I am so glad I approached it all in my own way and style.  Because I did just that, I can still say I love my life even though it is not turning out at all like I had hoped.  It is because I can miss obvious signs that I can see all the good in my life right now despite the bad outcomes.

So I say live life ignoring that which you can ignore.  Do that right up until you can no longer ignore it, then fix it, change it or move on from it.


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