The Nikon S1 was recently added to the family arsenal of cameras. My Dad purchased it and is kindly wonderfully letting me use it for a bit while my hand heals. You have no idea the joy I felt holding a camera in my left hand that I could actually use. My family is so awesome, good to me and supportive.

I have very unusual ways to test cameras. I have said before that I like to push the limits of a camera. My basic test is car wash pictures. I want to know that a camera can handle low light and quickly changing light conditions. I also want to know that it can focus fast enough in rapidly visually changing situations. A car wash is perfect for all of the above.

I am thrilled to say the Nikon S1 ICL does. All I did editing wise on this picture was a run through PhotoMatix for a painterly effect. I adjusted nothing else. Thrilled!


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