Blackbird Bar


This was my expression as I looked around Blackbird Bar in Bay View.  The art work was awesome on the walls.  It was like sugar skulls meets birds.  I do not know how else to explain it.  You just have to see it.  Then this pair of lamps; Awesome and retro in a non-trendy way.  Not to mention in the other direction was a pinball tournament!  What to look at, who to look at and where to look all at one time.

What a cool place.  I am almost embarrassed to have lived in Bay View (a part of Milwaukee) for a decade having never heard of this place. Not to mention they carry over 80 WI brewed beers.  80! Reasonably priced for the area as well.  It is a one stop shop that I really will not get tired of for a bit.

Hopefully in two months I can compete in the pinball tournament.



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