From WI and Milwaukee and proud of it!


You can hear us roar in the summer.  Milwaukee is the home of Harley Davidson.  I state the obvious once again.  It is sometimes odd seeing Harley commentary outside of Milwaukee or WI for that matter.

This picture was taken in Zion, IL.  To see a small Harley sign next to a Chicago Bulls mural is almost painful.  The Harley sign should be larger! Taking pride in where I live is important to me.  I am a huge fan of support local businesses.

I love Wisconsin and I love Milwaukee (even though I am admittedly a Bay View snob, we in Bay View consider Bay View its own city).  Pictures like this make me remember why I love where I live.  So take a minute and consider all the great things you love about where you live.  I bet if you are like me you forget to love where you live from time to time.


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