Out of this world …Good VS Bad


I love pictures that look like they are from another planet.  I love how things in our world can look so not of this world.

I hate things that are so foreign to me that they feel out of this world.  Today I ended my first solo art exhibition early.  While I can’t go into detail for obvious reasons I will say the following.  The entire idea of doing this is outer-worldly.

I dislike doing things half- assed.  I toss my entire being into what I care about.  I dislike people who do not pay it forward.  I dislike people who are only in it for what is in it for them.   I like the people who respect others.  I like people who earn it.  And I love working with those who do approach life with standards.

I have learned from this I love “my” printer and his lovely better half.  Yes I declare a little ownership or possession.  (If you knew them you would too)  I love the lovelies at Scope Events in Milwaukee.  Need a printer or an event group lemme know …. These guys ROCK.  They hit the ball right outta this world.


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