My story of trees


Trees have always been a safe place for me.  When I was a kid (troubled at that) there was a Willow tree that I could climb.  It did not matter if it was because I was happy or sad or just bothered, I climbed the tree. I did not do it for fun.  I did it for comfort and a place to hide away.  Because of that tree I find comfort in trees.  There is no greater comfort to me than trees.

Yesterday was a day that I needed that comfort once again.  If I go back and look at the days I posted tree pictures I can see a story in them I had not realized before.  Most of the days where days I needed something from the trees.

Comfort is needed during all kinds of times good bad and ugly.  Where do you find your comfort?



4 thoughts on “My story of trees

  1. Tihs is such a beautifully composed photograph! Sorry, I know I should be commenting on the subject matter, but I just can’t get over how balanced and peaceful all the elements of your picture are 🙂


  2. I am probably more open to comments on the actual picture ..I am more used that then what I write … TYSM. That is a high compliment indeed. I love the tree pictures.


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