No Regrets … Not ever.


Absolutely everything I do is with one motto in mind above all other mottoes.  No Regrets!  I will not allow regret to seep into my life.  Having regrets means you lost the courage or hope at some point to take actions that were needed. I refuse to allow that. Most times these very actions are the ones your soul needs the most.

It does not matter if the outcome is good or bad from those actions.  What matters is that I can look in the mirror of my soul and say I did what I could, I felt what I felt, I took the actions I could take and I was true to myself.

Coming across this boat when I did was a sign to me.  It validated my actions and courses as of late.  It made me re-examine several areas of my life to see if I needed to course correct to avoid any regrets. Did I change some courses … yes there was one, that one I am working on my thought process.  It has a unique set of challenges, it is after all my analytic creative brain space at work.

The rest of the paths set out before me … smooth sailing! And above all No Regrets!


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