On influences and war.



You never know when a new influence will show up in your work. It is also impossible to plan for how that influence will teach you something.  I have a fabulously original gal on my friends list on Facebook.  She is very much a free-thinker.

Today’s picture is a reflection of her wall and its influence on me.  It’s like this:  Your war is not my war and my war is not your war.  Which war is righteous?  I think we all have to be careful in the battles we choose to fight.  I think we need to be careful what we are fighting against.  I think we need to understand what we are fighting for.  This is true in almost every aspect of life.

Only by pondering and exploring all the different “battles” out there can we second guess ourselves and others.  Does this not make us stronger and better?  Question everything, evaluate everything and determine which fights are your fights.

Taking the standard line from ANY source and saying it is valid is just effortless and easy.  I prefer not so easy.  I want to be challenged.  I want to respect the views of those in my life with full sight.  I can only do that If I respect my own views.  I can only respect my views if I challenge them.


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