I only have one goal today.


Suspicious things are just suspicious.  On 6/27/2011 I took a POD picture of the parking structure where I work.  There had been a fire there.  The fire was a few days earlier than that.  Last Friday we came into work and learned that another fire had happened.  It was on the same floor in the same area.  It was felt that the first one was questionable on the suspicious front.

Now yesterday’s POD picture was of the more recent fire.  You can see two more pictures of the recent fire AND I dug out the POD picture from the first time at https://www.facebook.com/rosie.hartmann.1

I made the pictures apart of my public profile, the POD always is public but sometimes the extras are public as well.

Apparently, this fire is even more suspicious. (yes, we all said … No Kidding) There are many things as a photographer you think you will never get to see again.  This was certainly at the top of my list.

It also happens to be the POD pic on THE day I realize that my pics as of late are a bit moody in a bad way.  Is this suspicious as well?  It is just in a different way.  My only goal today is to find a happy picture.


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