Desire, Believe and Achieve

10373999_657931317587612_6469608615982848885_n (1)

When you set a goal you can reach a goal.  My only goal was a happy picture.  A picture where the bit of scene made me smile.  I recognize that as of late I can look at my pictures and say they have been dark.  I do not like the feeling at all.

Desire, believe and then you can achieve.  These are potent words if you let them work for you.  It taking a look back I realized my fight had disappeared.  The fight is back in me.  I found my mojo again.  I have goals.  I am unstoppable when I have goals.

By being true to who you are at the core you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.


One thought on “Desire, Believe and Achieve

  1. Reblogged this on Katherine Wikoff and commented:
    Something about this post rings true. A simple goal can represent so much more. So you set that goal. You reach it. And you’re on your way to what you really want! This picture made me smile, and the text accompanying it made me happy. I guess there’s a lot here I can identify with 🙂


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