I cheated.


I set out with certain rules on the POD.  They are very simply rules. Post a photo a day.  The pets can only appear in three pictures a year.  That is it.  Those are the rules.

Remy has now been in four pictures this year.  To show you how remorse filled I am:

I am taking a weekend for me.  I will not be posting another blog until Monday.  I will be all caught up with pictures on Monday as well (maybe Sunday night if the mood strikes me).

To put it mildly the last month and a half has been filled with so much ridiculousness a break is the only cure.  I am shutting off all media and taking a trip.  Chalk this one up as “time for one’s self” or “finding my inner peace” or “time for reflection” and of course you could also add in time for some crazy Aunt and Pops time.

We all need to do this from time to time.  I do not do this often.  In fact since the start of the POD this is the first plan time to take a break from all of it.  That is almost 3 years.   Since I know where I will be I can tell you that the pictures will be purely amazing.


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