I love wood carvings that are moody.  I am not into the eagles and the bears and such.  Gnomes and faces though make me smile. I like this one because of the shadows.  I think that shadows are often times more illuminating in pictures then one might think.

If you really think about what shadows do for pictures you can see that they add to the story of the picture.  Shadows by their very nature hide things.  What is revealed in the shadows is the hidden part of the story.  Shadows bring attention in a much more positive way then bright spots do.  For a change today I am not going to get all deep and philosophical about how some people choose to hide in the shadows and all that.  I prefer to explore the shadows. I love to see what is there. Photography is a fabulous way to do just that.

Too often as photographers we avoid the shadow time of the day.  It really is one of my favorite times to shoot.  So go out and shoot in the brightest part of the day and find you shadows.


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