Jurustic Park


There is an oddly known era called the iron era.  Amazing creature come from that era.  Their remains can be seen at Jurustic Park in Marshfield, WI.  If the rusty sculptures where not enough to entice you … the stories that each of these sculptures has to tell should be.  There is as much creativity going on with the stories as with the metal art.

Beyond that this artist is one funny guy who pays it forward continuously.  His creations can be found all over central Wisconsin.  He supports the schools so much. What better way can there be to inspire the next generation of students to be creative than to have a ridiculously large metal dragon on the school grounds.  This is exactly how we need to treat art to keep art alive.

I bought a mini sculpture from him this trip.  I hemmed and hawed last time.  I am glad I waited till this time to buy it.  In the end I am sure I made a great selection on which piece.  Last time around I would have chosen differently. Although I will say this the dogs are my favorite pieces, but I like the cats to oh and I like the dragons …..

You can find more pictures here: http://www.jurustic.com/

This is the official website.  Hopefully in the next day or two I will get some more edited and add some extras.


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