Rogue Ales and Spirit


It has been a minute since I added a beer capades review.  I came across the Dead Guy Rogue Ale the other night while eating out.  I have to say I choose this beer based on one thing alone, the name. Let’s not delve too deeply into why the name caught my attention.

Much to my surprise it was an amazing beer.   Normally when I choose based on the name it does not go so well for me.  It was the perfect lighter fare compared to the Porters I have been drinking lately.  It has a brisk flavor that is refreshing.  I can imagine sitting outside watching on a summer night with this beer.  I did not think it was too bitter or too hoppy yet at the same time full of flavor.  This easily will go to the top of my ale list.  And again as always, I am just a girl who is figuring out the beer.  If I used the wrong terms it is because I still have much to learn.  What this girl knows though is that this is a damn good beer!

You can find out more about Rogue here:  I choose this part of their website to link because I love the flavor of their declaration.  I will be trying more of their beers in the not too distant future.


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