Fight to the Master Piece


So these guys are fierce in my opinion.  These little fighting guys tickle me every time I see them.  At one point I thought I wanted my kitchen to all be decorated in these guys.  They remind me that we all need to be fierce.  We need to fight for what we want and what we believe in.

Sometimes it is ourselves we are fighting.  I had a fascinating conversation last night about ways that people fight themselves.  It is so self-destructive to let anything get in the way of getting what you want. This includes your own thinking and how you think.  The conversation was about creating art and what gets in your way.  I was astounded to a degree at how people look for reasons that the art thing can’t work.

Life is a work of art.  I take the same type of time and care to work through life as I do working through a piece of artwork.  I think because I approach life that way I want very badly for others to do the same.  It is rewarding to work past the problem points and get to the final master piece.  This is true in life and in art.

So really go find your little fighting guys, use them to fight through to the final master piece no matter how impossible, improbable, scary or painful getting there might be.


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